Who We Are

Abou us

We are a team of freelancers, a web designer/developer and a graphic designer based in
Los Angeles, CA. Each one of us is skilled and experienced in our area of expertise.

We apply the latest web standards and technologies in our projects to improve website usability, accessibility and also responsiveness that is one of today's web designers' concerns.

Our goal is to combine our creativity and knowledge to design professional, powerful and stylish websites for our clients to help them have a powerful online presence and grow their business.

You can visit some of our works and latest projects on the portfolio page.

Our Work Process

  • 1- Plan

    This is the first and most important stage. We gather useful information from clients about their website such as target audiences, objectives and goals, contents and number of pages.

  • 2- Design

    In this stage we use the information gathered from the planning stage to design the mock-up of the website. Then the client will review the Design to make any needed modifications untill we get the client's approval.

  • 3- Development

    It's time for the approved design to come to life. Considering the web standards and technologies the mockup design is turned into a functional website which is accessible, usable and search engine friendly.

  • 4- Test

    Before launching the website, it will be tested in different platforms, devices and major browsers to make sure of it's proper functionality.